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The Piano

You know when you really want to do something or you really want something to happen, but the timing isn’t right? Everybody has experienced this at some point in their life- or maybe it’s a weekly experience or a daily one for you right now. Generally, if you ignore the fact that the timing isn’t right and you press on to do or get the thing you want anyway, it doesn’t go well or turn out as well as it would have if you’d just waited.  Last Fall I wanted to paint our piano. Our piano had been lovingly passed on to us by some dear family friends, the Hirschy’s. Tracey (the wife/mom of the Hirschy tribe) had welcomed me into her home right after I started my MK business (literally, I hadn’t been a consultant for a whole month yet, but she heard about one of our new skincare lines, went to the MK website, searched for consultants near her, and picked me). I received my first MK inventory order in the mail just a couple days before she contacted me. If she’d called me a mere 3 days sooner

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