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Alone, a chapter from my unfinished book, "Underage"

PREFACE This morning I was catching up on some work and noticed the date. A smile spread across my face, and I realized it was the first time I've ever seen today's date and a smile was my immediate reaction. A smile I couldn't shake. I went searching through my laptop's archives to find some pictures from the trip I took to Kenya 16 years ago today, but I found this instead.... A chapter I'd written for a book I started writing while I was in college. I never finished writing it. The title of the book is "Underage," and it's for teenagers.  This is the chapter where I share the bit of my testimony regarding Kenya, but it was written while I was in my early 20s- so at least 10 years have passed since I last read these words.  I'd like to point out here in all caps A LOT OF HEALING HAS TAKEN PLACE since I wrote this chapter. I now better understand how this impacted my entire family and that my perceptions of others, although they were my reality, w

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