Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Out of Place

Several weeks ago these green, thick stalks started to slowly make their way up out of the ground in our back yard. Just right in the center.

Not too long after the little stalks made their grand appearance, it snowed, and I figured whatever the stalks were, they would probably end up dying in the snow.

But they didn't. They lived. And they just kept growing taller and taller.

And eventually the little stalks turned into these...

I didn't plant any daffodil bulbs, so I have no idea how these flowers came to be in our back yard!

Yesterday it snowed (again), and I worried the little yellow flowers would surely die this time. 

But they didn't.

Through the snow, the cold, and Sperry running right over them on his way to "catch" the cat that sits on top of the fence, they have withstood.

It doesn't make sense for them to be there, I can't explain to you how they got there, or why they're so hearty.... But honestly, is it necessary to have answers to these questions?

After all, they're just flowers. 

They know they won't live forever, so instead of wondering about how they came to be planted in the middle of a back yard they just grow, they bloom, they withstand... 

They just do exactly what they're supposed to do regardless of the fact that onlookers call them out of place. 

How often do we think God has put us in the wrong place, or time, or job, or situation?

How often did people in the Bible think the same thing?

And what has God done every time? He's made sense of it. 

To us, our lives don't always seem to make sense, but that doesn't mean we have to stop doing whatever it is we're supposed to do because we have to figure out all the answers first. 

God has already done that. We just need to keep growing, keep blooming, turning to Him so that we might withstand the snow and the cold and the trampling... Because no matter where we are, we are in a position to be who we are and do what it is that we are intended to do. 

And to some onlooker, our presence won't be out of place, it will be appreciated and it will make a difference.