Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Twenty-four years ago today I became a big sister. Paul and I were so close in age (not quite 17 months between us), Mom says it was like raising twins!

Of course, at 17 months, I was far too little to understand the gift God blessed our family with On September 9th, 1989.

I've often said that I forget that Paul is my "little" brother...  Maybe it's because we were so close in age, or because he's always been the best protector. He would take a bullet, or worse, for me. He's taught me far more than I've ever taught him.

Most of my fondest childhood memories involve my brother. Tossing beanie babies across the hallway in an all out beanie baby war, building lego fortresses, laughing, his antics during road trips, running around the yard with our family dog Duke, running away from the UPS truck...

I call him "the coolest person I know" because he is.

Most people who know my brother only know maybe one or two of the things about him that make him so special.

Most people who know the basics about Paul are just impressed by all he's "overcome."

Others are impressed by his charm and dashing good looks.

And then there are others who get to hear his heart, and those I consider very fortunate.

All the while, I look on with a heart that overfills with love and adoration for a young man who loves his Maker, seeks the lost, and does everything with humility. A young man who lives up to every name he's been given.

Happy Birthday, Paul Stapp Clark. I'm so proud to call you brother. I'm so blessed to have been able to grow up with you. I miss and love you more than words.