Monday, August 5, 2013

Lake Trip 2013

Lake Martin, AL is a huge, beautiful lake about 45 minutes from Auburn, AL. All summer we'd been really excited about spending the week with my family there. In fact, we were so excited, that we left Arkansas a day early to ensure that we'd be there as soon as my parents could pick up the key to the lake house they'd rented for our family.

 A quick stop & walk at the Chick-Fil-A in Olive Branch, MS.

We had so much fun swimming, tubing, jet-skiing, playing games, and learning how to drive the boat. (Mom taught me, Dad taught Katie, and I think Mom taught Paul... David was already a pro.) Plus, Danielle, Katie's best friend got to come as did our grandparents, Grampa & Gramma Clark! And, of course we can't forget Scarlet.... : ) Scarlet came too, for a day, and then went to "camp" up the road!

This Summer Scarlet realized she could swim and has become quite the dare-devil jumping into pools! We weren't about to watch her jump into the lake without a flotation device!

Every evening was filled with star gazing (except for two nights because it was cloudy) and fishing.

Grandpa was being a great model for me!

David found the most comfy fishing spot... 

And it paid off!

Danielle was a fish catching machine this night! She could have fed the whole family!

One of my favorite pictures from the whole trip! Katie Marie & Dad .... and the fish.

Mom caught the first catfish! 

Of course, I wasn't the only one NOT fishing. Gramma sat back with me soaking in the last bit of sunlight and watching for the first stars to come out.

Gramma Clark & Katie Marie

Mom & Paul

Grampa surprised us all by taking Dad out for a spin on one of the jet skis. They definitely looked like they were having fun!

Dad & Grampa Clark

For dinner the last night, the five of us who were still at the lake (me, David, Mom, Dad, and Paul) went out to eat after returning the boat and jet ski. We had such a great time eating funny, fried food (i.e. Fried Oreos - yum!) and enjoying each other's company. 

David and I were so grateful to get to spend time with my family. It was hard for me when we moved last year, so long weeks like this where we're all in one place are truly a special gift to my spirit. My sweet friend Sarah reminded me last night that we're not promised tomorrow, and her words have been echoing in my mind all day. So, I'm soaking in the fun, happy memories of our week at the lake, and am praising God for the multitude of blessings that He's bestowed upon my family.