Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Introducing Jase Alton Warford

Oh BOY, were we thrilled to see this little guy today.

David and I are excited and incredibly humbled to share these pictures with you of our son, 
Jase Alton Warford.

Jase seems eager to keep up with his busy big sister. He was very busy bouncing and rolling and flipping around all throughout our ultrasound and wasn't shy to let us know that he is in fact a boy. 

If we had wanted to be surprised, it wouldn't have been possible! The very first image we saw, without the ultrasound tech even looking for it, was you know what.

We are praising the Lord this evening for a perfect appointment. Everything measures and looks just like it should. 

In the last few week's David and I have been spending a lot of time in the gospel of John, and week after week we've been reminded of Jesus' primary role in our life and in the Trinity - that of our Lord and Savior. 

Whenever we have discussed baby names in the last couple months, Jase was a name that kept coming back to David over and over again. When we looked up it's meaning, "the Lord is salvation," it almost felt like it was the name God had been laying on our hearts throughout our study of John. We just didn't know it yet. 

It is our prayer that Jase would come to love and desire to serve our Lord at a young age and that he would point others to Jesus, Savior to all. 

Alton is David's middle name, his father's middle name, and his grandfather's middle name. We thought we'd keep the tradition going. 

While we know full well that Avery really doesn't know what's going on, we love that she does point to my growing stomach every now and then and say, "Bay-bay." We also know that she is going to be a great big sister. Her affection for the dogs, her dollies, and those she's close with will surely spread over towards her baby brother. 

Our due date is still April 30th, 2017. Hopefully, we'll manage to get a couple updates out to y'all before then. 

In the meantime, as always, thank you for all of your love, support, and prayers. To our family and friends around the globe, we love you and are so glad to share our news with you.

- David & Lindsay