Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our Big Announcement

Hey there faithful Warford&Wife readers. I've left you hanging for a couple months, and believe me, I've missed you and have really, really wanted to clue you in to what's been keeping me from you. Those of you who have read our little blog for more than a short while know that I write about what's going on in our life and what the Lord is teaching me through each adventure, whether it's patching a peach sweater, food journeys, or deep struggles. Well, the past two months, He's been working in a mighty way here in the Warford Home and in our hearts. And now that we've reached the date on the calendar that we've been waiting for, we're excited to share exactly what's been going on these last couple months.

Shall we pick up where we left off then? 

December? Ok. Good. : )

We were en route to Auburn, AL a week before Christmas. Erin and Evan (my sister-in-law and her now hubby) were getting married that weekend, and David and I were excited to get to head out a day earlier than expected to get there for all the wedding festivities. We left late in the day - I think it was 4pm by the time we actually got on the highway. We knew it would be a late night, but we love it when we can just pick up and go, even if it means stopping and sleeping in a random hotel somewhere along the way to our destination. But, we were on a mission to get to Auburn and get Erin married, so driving into the early morning hours didn't phase us. 

Somewhere between Montgomery and Auburn, I started to feel a little queasy. However, I'm prone to car sickness, and riding with that Burger King bag at my feet for six hours was surely the culprit. We made it to The Farm around 1 am. David got Sperry settled while Brenda found me a couple crackers. We were off to bed and did 0-60 until Evan and Erin said "I do!" that Saturday. (And we bought a dog in there too, but we can talk about him later!)

The day after the wedding, after sleeping in till about lunchtime, we (minus Sperry) made our way to Atlanta to spend Christmas with my family. On the way, I mentioned (ok, quasi-complained is more accurate) about a few weird symptoms I was experiencing. David's response, "I think you're pregnant." My response to that, "Nah." Like I usually do, I chalked them all up to this or that and dismissed it. 

As soon as we parked the car in my parents' driveway, we jumped right into all of our Atlanta plans and enjoyed every minute of it.

Two nights before Christmas, we were all on our way home from a yummy Mexican dinner downtown at one of my parents' favorite local spots. The girls had all piled into one car and the guys in another.  In our car, something came up about babies, and Katie asked me, "When are y'all going to start that?" I laughed and replied, "It's funny you should ask. David thinks we already are pregnant." 

Beat of silence. 

Katie, "And why does he think that?" Again, quite flippantly, I begin to recount some of the strange symptoms I'd been experiencing while my sister and mom just stare at me. Mom states very matter-of-factly from the back seat, "Um, you're pregnant." 

So, we went to CVS and picked out the pregnancy test without the lines - the one that says "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant," and made our way home. 

The following morning, I took it, poorly. Little did I know there was a right and a wrong way to take this particular brand of test. It said, "Not pregnant," so I threw it away and figured I'd take it again the next morning.

That night we drove downtown to our home church, PCC. The stop and go around Lindbergh made me positively green, and I looked like a straight up druggie sniffing my tiny box of cinnamon altoids to try and make the nausea go away making Katie laugh quite to my delight. 

Afterwards, we had an amazing steak dinner grilled by the men at home, as is tradition, and all turned in early to rest up for the big day. 

I woke up, dug into my suitcase to find the little box with the little sticks, and made my way to the bathroom. This time I read the instructions. And this time, when it was all done analyzing it's specimen, the little stick said, "Pregnant." 

I just stared at it. There was no room for "Nah" anymore! These were all pregnancy symptoms!

I stepped out of the bathroom with it and called downstairs to David who'd already made his way down to where my parents' were. 

"Yeah?" He answered.

"Can you come here, please? Now."

I beelined for our bedroom and waited for him to find me standing there with that little stick he didn't know I had bought. 

He smiled really big as I showed it to him. No words. I had no words. 

We concocted a quick plan to wrap it in the CVS bag and get it into Mom's stocking without anyone seeing, but as we made our way downstairs, and my eyes met my mom's, I just couldn't keep a straight face.

The next 2 minutes I will never forget for the rest of my life. My parents holding the stick backwards and upside down trying to make out what it said. Katie running downstairs with eyes as big as a baby deer. Eventually Paul joining us and guessing correctly when I told him to, "Guess what." All pure joy. On Christmas morning, in the home I grew up in and the place where David proposed to me. 

We had a lovely Christmas, and later that afternoon, Katie, David, and I worked on a little sign to give to Dave Sr., Brenda, Evan, and Erin the following day. 

As we drove over to The Farm the day after, David and I were aghast as we made our way down the road to see Dave Sr. driving the other direction from the house! We'd been waiting 24 hours to tell him in person about his grandchild. It was like being a completely filled helium balloon talking with Brenda while we waited for Dave Sr. to get back from wherever it was he went. Finally he did, and David was able to hand him the box with the sign in it. There was a lot of screaming and jumping and a few tears. And when we finally got to show it to Erin and Evan later that day, it felt like everything was now complete. The 8 most important people in our life knew and could now join us in praying over this little one's life. 

Today marks two months since we found out about this little baby we're expecting, and we're very excited to finally make it public knowledge. I promise to catch up you on everything the Lord has been teaching me these last two months in future posts to come. Until then, we covet your prayers and thank you for celebrating the beginning of this new life with us. : )

In Him, 


A very special shout out and thank you to Kristina Warford at KMWarford Photography for keeping our secret and capturing our beautiful baby announcement pictures! We love you very much!!