Friday, August 8, 2014


Remember how I said I might get knocked off my feet if I threw a stick of dynamite in the hydroelectric dam I've built? The one that controls how much of God's blessings I want to receive?

Well, today it happened.

I was literally shaking in my sandals.

I prayed some specific prayers yesterday over my business.

I praised God for answering them, before they were answered. (picture stick of dynamite being thrown at giant, hydroelectric dam)

And then it happened... Panic. Doubt. Fear... The math didn't add up. How would I fit it all in? Would it pay off? How could ALL of these ladies say YES and not cancel? Would it be worth it? The hours in the car. The multiple tanks of gas. Somewhere deep inside I hoped people would cancel.

It was a thought birthed out of fear. Fear that made me feel like Peter. How could I be so selfish? So small minded? So stupid?

"How can I be like this?" I asked myself. "This is EXACTLY what I prayed for. I took God as my business partner. He is answering my prayers. How can I wish for Him to back out and leave it all up to me again?"

I was scared that I couldn't handle it all.

But I can do all things though Christ who gives me strength. (Phil. 4:13)

I thank God for giving me more than a life jacket to keep me above the rushing water pouring down on me - His blessings overflowing.

We're not meant to just ride them out. We're meant to do something with them!

You have to work a sail boat, right? You can't just turn the key like you can on a motor boat.

God's given us all sail boats - not life jackets. And we have to work them. You know with all of the ropes and knots and jive ho-ing! It's not a turn key situation!

However, no matter how good you are at the technicalities of sailing - you're not going to get very far if you don't have His wind in your sails.

My work effort alone won't get me to where I'm sailing. I have to rely on God.

"It might knock me off my feet at first! It might look scary and sound loud, but I'm not content to splash in a puddle when I could sail the seas."

Are you still splashing in puddles? Are you praying for a life vest? Or are you ready to sail? What's keeping you back?