Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

When we heard a winter storm named Cleon was forecasted to impact North Little Rock, we were in denial at first, but the day before she came, everyone started to recognize we should probably take the storm warnings seriously... And, I'll admit, I'm glad we made that last minute run to the grocery store! Ever since the sleet started to fall late Thursday night, we've kept our cars in the garage and stayed put!

Yesterday, precipitation fell from the sky almost all day. Outside could best be described as slushy. For the majority of today, however, it has been bright and beautiful! I couldn't believe how bright it has been inside our house as the sun has reflected off the snow covered ground through our windows. It's really been very enjoyable. However, we have been very blessed to have not lost power nor need to get out and go anywhere.

We ventured out for a walk this morning, but honestly, with the windchill being 8, my fingers were not coming out of their ski gloves to take a picture of the white, shiny streets and houses, no matter how pretty they looked.

David is taking advantage of the forced-indoor time to continue preparing for finals, which start this week. (We're almost half way through law school! Woo hoo!!) I'm happily getting things done inside, like wrapping Christmas presents and cooking.

This afternoon, David took Sperry in the backyard for some exercise. So, while Sperry ran back and forth across the back yard chasing a frozen tennis ball, because the temperature had risen ever so slightly since this morning, I managed to take a few quick pictures to document the season's first snow fall.

Come Monday, we're praying the streets will be clear enough for the city to be back to business as usual. But, for now, we'll claim the rest of the weekend as a snow day... : )