Friday, November 15, 2013

Savoring The Season

Could it really be time for the holidays already? Are many of you like me, looking at the calendar realizing the month of November is half way past, and another holiday season is upon us? Where did 2013 go? How did it go by this quickly?

I sip my guilty-purchase from Fresh Market (Salted Caramel Coffee) as the soundtrack from "Home Alone" plays through my iPad's Pandora App. It's dreary outside today. Overcast, drizzling, and cold. I had popped into a few local businesses this morning seeking out sponsors for my Mary Kay unit's Adopt-A-Grandparent project for Christmas. "Weren't we wearing t-shirts and shorts a month ago?" I had thought as I got in and out of my car wishing I had worn a thicker coat instead of my black blazer.

The salted caramel coffee is festive and warms not only my hands but feeds the holiday spirit inside of me ready to deck the halls.

This holiday season is going to be very busy for me and David. We have a lot of traveling to do, family to visit, and people to celebrate exciting times with. I'm tempted to pull the Christmas decorations out this weekend, even though it's not yet Thanksgiving.

I used to be an avid, "No Christmas till Thanksgiving" person, but I feel like this year, if I wait until after Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations just won't happen at the Warford House.

David's worked so hard this semester... Really, all year. When Fall semester ends, he'll get his first real break in a year. I don't want to rush around trying to get things done, check the boxes off our lists, and make it through the holidays. I want to savor them. I want to enjoy the visiting, and the celebrating. Enjoy the people who matter most to us. The fellowship with loved ones. The camaraderie found in joining together, stopping and remembering why we have a holiday season to begin with. I want to savor the holiday time...

Before we know it, the season will have past. It will be January, and we'll put putting the decorations away, and we'll comment, "I can't believe it's 2014. Where did the time go?"

I want to do better at savoring where I am today. This season the Lord has us in now. Our law school season. The barn house season. The Sperry is driving me nuts while I try to make work calls from home season...

One day we'll look back at this season of our lives and say, "It went by so fast."

There is so much to savor here and now. Sure, I'm ready for the next season of our life to be here. For school to be over, for babies to be on their way, for my business to grow, for the next step in David's career to be taken... But, the future is like the holidays. The future is wonderful and exciting, and I can't wait for it to be here. But, there's a lot to savor getting there. And, one day we'll look back at this season and recognize the sweetness we're surrounded by now. Instead of waiting to look back and recognize, is it possible to stop and recognize now as well?

I finish my coffee and head to the laundry room where the Christmas decorations have been stored. "Deck the halls," plays through my iPad. I hear David opening the door into the kitchen from the garage as he gets home from class. I pull the box down and carry it into the kitchen. It's time to start savoring.