Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A little over a week ago, David and I started a new business... I became an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay! I have known about Mary Kay since I was old enough to say Mary Kay. My mom was an Independent Beauty Consultant when I was just a toddler, and I can remember playing with her burgundy, accordion style file-folder that was always stuffed with samples of eye shadow and blush. Little did I realize that one day I'd be adding "accordion style file-folders" to my shopping list for my own Mary Kay business.

This past week, I've spent every spare moment absorbing everything I could about the Mary Kay company and their amazing products.

That's just my nature. Even in nursing school, one of my professors had commented on how detail-oriented I am when I was reciting memorized drug information back to her.

I just responded, "If I'm going to give it (i.e. a medication), I want to know all about it!"

As I began to entertain the idea of starting this new business, I knew I would have a lot of research to do before I ever offered a sample of a Mary Kay product to anyone.

Last night, one of our sweet neighbors dropped by to play with the Mary Kay starter kit I'd received in the mail. I gave her the disclaimer that I didn't know everything about all of the products yet. I was still learning. She comfortably sat down at our kitchen table and shrugged, "That's okay. Let's play!"

And so we did. In between cleansers, moisturizers, foundation, and mascara, we talked about our opinions on the American food industry, nursing, and how social media seems to be our biggest distraction in our walk with the Lord.

I realized after she left with her bag full of samples that it didn't matter that I didn't know everything about every product, what mattered was meeting my friend where she was in her skin care regimen and my attitude about sharing what I did know about the Mary Kay products I had.

Reflecting on my little revelation reminded me of another time I'd humbly met another woman where she was... It was in Destin, FL on a family vacation the summer I was 17. One night, a few of us had walked down to a pier overlooking the ocean. Boats and helicopters were searching the dark water with bright lights. The waves had been rough that day, and a teenage boy had never returned back to shore...

My family and the other tourists on the pier all just stood against the wooden rail in silence watching the search. No one wanted to say what they were thinking, "I hope he's not dead."

I noticed the woman I was standing closest to as she whispered to a man next to her. I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to speak with her about death. I knew I didn't have the answers to every philosophical question she could potentially ask me, but I did know who Jesus is and why we need him. So, as my family started to head back to the vacation home, I gave my dad a reassuring nod and remained leaned against the railing. "I hope he's not dead," I murmured.

The woman looked at me with a soft smile, her coarse blonde hair blowing up against the side of her suntanned face, "Yeah, me too."

And so there it was... The common ground. Two women hoping a boy wasn't dead. So, I asked her, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," she replied.

"If you were to die today, where do you think you'd go?"

I don't remember how the conversation ended. But, I remember being surprised walking back to the vacation home that she actually didn't ask any questions I didn't have answers to. That the tough questions (and answers) didn't seem to matter. What mattered was my attitude. I didn't want to sell her anything. I just wanted to share the basic information I did have. And, even though I didn't know everything, just offering to humbly share the little bit I did know was enough to have a conversation.

So, today I feel a little more confident to start introducing the Mary Kay products to women, even though I don't know everything, yet. And, I feel a little more convicted to share the solution to the death problem with more people than I currently am.

Mary Kay was founded on the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." (Matthew 7:12)

If someone else knew something really great that could benefit/save my life, I'd sure want them to share it with me!

Maybe it's the right color foundation or the Gospel of Salvation.. Either way, let's start sharing.