Friday, June 7, 2013

Used to Sold!

Today, I discovered the simplicity and profitability of selling things on eBay. I have listed a few things before over the last couple years, but nothing was ever purchased. My brother Paul sells things all the time on eBay, and he explained to me today that there's a science to getting bids on your items. And here I'd thought if I wrote a cute, personal description that's what would catch the buyers eye and seal the deal! ; ) I had almost completely forgotten about the items I'd listed last week until I got an email this afternoon saying, "Your item has sold!"

I'm super excited about making a little extra spending cash from a couple of unused items that had been tucked away in my closet for a very long time now. I will probably encourage David to go through some other "closet items" with me this weekend and see if we can potentially make a little extra money selling them too.

Whenever it's time to de-clutter, we always end up giving away our used possessions - we honestly never even consider selling them. The thought of putting together a yard sale seems unnecessary when we know our used shoes/clothes/electronics could be a real blessing to someone else in need. We even made the decision recently to only give things away to places who will give, not sell, our things to those who need them. But, other things that wont meet someone else's daily needs (like the iPod I sold today) we might be able to make some money back on, which in turn, could be put towards the opportunities we have this summer to be in fellowship with distant friends and family members.

I think it's going to be a resourceful way of moving our gently used items out of our home while also providing a way to make a little extra cash every now and then when it comes to the right item.

I'm interested to know how you "make a little extra cash" in your home. I recently adopted a sewing machine from my mom. My hobby for the summer is going to be trying to learn how to use it! Maybe there will be more money making opportunities down the road via that medium as well. We will see!