Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June's Unexpected Surprises

Things I didn't expect for June 2013 in Arkansas...

- This weather! The weather is just beautiful! Sure, we've had some flash floods and whole days of tornado warnings, but the temperature has made me forget about any and all bouts of severe weather. Our rental home is very poorly insulated, and last summer our electric bill was through the roof. We were bracing ourselves for ugly power bills to start coming in May, but praise the Lord, these cooler temps are helping keep our house cooler! (I even wore a long sleeved shirt last evening around the house!)

- To gladly hop out of bed at 6 am in the morning to work out. David and I are in the second week of a weight loss competition with some of my family members. We've created a pretty strict exercise and nutrition regimen for each other and did a great job of sticking with it the first week (*We're basically just exercising every day - which includes cardio and weight training - and have cut out a bunch of food that we know we shouldn't be eating like fried foods, sodas, desserts, etc.) We're both seeing major results after just one week. This morning, I literally hoped out of bed a few minutes before 6 am to change into my workout clothes and get moving. Ask David - I hardly ever "hop" out of bed. ; )

- To be preparing for camp! Yeah, camp! The Arkansas Dream Center Kids Summer Program, to be exact, which is located in the heart of downtown Little Rock. It's definitely been a lot of work getting ready (and we have so much work left to do before it starts on Monday), but it's also been really fun for me to use the creative side of my brain again. I've been thinking about all of the fun, summer retreats David and I went on growing up and about how impactful "summer camp" was on both of our lives. I hope we can help create some fun memories for these kids during these 8 weeks and that during their time at camp they'll learn new truths about their Maker, Savior, and Heavenly Helper. 

It's only the 5th day of June, and it's such a blessing to reflect on these unexpected surprises. Looking forward to see what the next 25 days of this month have in store!