Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spicy Bean Burritos

I love to share. Really I do. Whether it's a great deal I know of or a recipe I've tried or good news and encouragement, sometimes I can't help but feel it ooze right out of me!

So, I have to share this recipe that I found on Pinterest for spicy bean burritos

Don't they look yummy!?! And they're so easy to make (and a lot healthier than going to a Mexican restaurant). *Disclaimer, I did not take that picture. It's the picture from the website where I got the recipe. By the time we have dinner assembled, David and I are just ready to dig in and almost always forget to take a picture!

In an effort to help us slim down a little, I'm trying to get David to eat less meat with me during the week. It hasn't been his favorite idea of mine, but these burritos have helped going meatless once a week much easier for my husband. The first time he tried these burritos David's words were, "You can't tell there isn't any meat inside. It's hearty enough. They're good. I'll eat them again."

Inside, I did a major victory dance! Outside, I just smiled. 

So, notes on the recipe:

- I didn't have any cayenne pepper, so I just used extra chile powder. 
- I also used double the cumin (I love cumin).
- I rinsed a can of rotel tomatoes and used those in lieu of fresh salsa. 
- I used EVOO instead of canola oil.
- Since it's just two of us, there are plenty of left overs! 

The first time we ate these, we ate them as burritos. Last night, we opted for no tortillas and just did burrito bowls instead. Either way, they're incredibly tasty (and spicy!) and filling. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!