Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Big Flat Weekend

This past weekend, David and I had the fun opportunity to travel north to Big Flat, AR to visit some of David's extended family and celebrate his cute, (2nd) cousin Sawyer's birthday. Since it's a 3 hour drive to Big Flat, David's grandparents rented a cabin near Sawyer's house and invited the North Little Rock crew to spend the night. 

(5 minute walk from cabin = Beautiful view) 

We had such a great time visiting with the family. And, couldn't soak in enough of the beautiful scenery. 

Growing up just a short drive from the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I'd come to take their close proximity for granted. Being in the foothills of the Ozarks this weekend brought back so many wonderful childhood memories of family, lake/cabin trips. And, I know it was good for David to get away from school for a little while (even if it was just a weekend) and take a breather before starting finals this week. 

(Brenda and David)

David loves to be outside. Without study materials and internet access, he was actually able to enjoy the beauty and family time too.

(David holding his newest (2nd) cousin Dawson while keeping an eye on the birthday boy, Sawyer)

(Another pretty view near the cabin)

(I had to take a picture of these flowers because they're purple)

(Not quite ready to leave)

We'll have to plan another short weekend getaway to the mountains soon. At least they're only 3 hours away. : )