Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Sewing Table

For as long as I can remember, my mom has had a sewing table in her kitchen at the bottom of the front staircase. It's been one of those constant pieces of furniture/decor. Even though she's changed lots of the rooms in our home over the years, that sewing table has never moved. It's been a canopy the dogs have slept under and has been the display case for dozens of birthday cards, holiday decorations, vases of flowers, piece of art work, Easter/Valentine's Day gifts, etc ... So many memories began with that piece of furniture, that in itself, it has become a memory.

Here in our little red house, we have a long shelf between the kitchen and sun room that's become the spot I've chosen to show off birthday cards. So, as I was arranging the cards I'd received for my birthday over the weekend, I thought about that sewing table and how it would be cool if I could have one of my own, but just like my mom's. 

As mentioned in previous posts, I'm in the middle of trying to finish decorating our living room (spending as little money as possible). I had decided on a couple DIY projects I'd found on Pinterest and asked Brenda yesterday if she'd come help me hunt through our favorite antique store for a mirror and large picture frame to get me started. I had written down a list of the things I needed to complete this little projects to keep me focused. And thank goodness I did, because we stumbled upon a few really cute things. But since they weren't on my list or related to these simple projects, they remained in their booths.

And then, half way through the store, I saw it.

It wasn't the same color, but everything else about it was exactly the same.

A sewing table.

Even though a table of any kind wasn't on my list, I had to at least take a closer peak. 

"Please be a good price," I whispered as I lifted a variety of rooster plates and bowls off of it.

And it was.. Just $32. : ) 

So, the picture frame and mirror we'd already found went back into their booths, and I checked out with my very own sewing table.

David like it when he saw it after coming home from school, and I think it looks really good in our living room.

I did have to nix one of the DIY project ideas on my list for now since I'd used all of it's money on the table, but I think it was worth it. 

This little treasure from the antique store might end up being more than just a table in our living room. It could be the beginning of many memories for our family. Who knows, maybe just like my mom's, it will become a memory of it's own.