Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy One Year, Red House!

The dinner dishes are cleaned and put away, the t.v. is off, the plants have been watered, the sun is setting behind our neighbor's house, Sperry is recovering from our walk in the hot sun, David is preparing for class tomorrow, and I am soaking in every sensation I can of what's occurring around me.

It's hard to believe it was a year ago today that we moved into this red house. 

I'll never forget the feeling of terror we both experienced as we opened the door into the kitchen for the first time to find the floor flooded with dirty water while moving men behind us were ready to unload our entire life through that very door ... I was already thankful that my in-laws had offered to make the drive with us the day before and help us move in, but once we realized two bodies couldn't tackle this project alone, we were even more grateful... Dave Sr. must have made 5 trips to various stores returning each time with buckets, mops, and cleaning supplies. Brenda cleaned and cleaned and cleaned (you could have eaten off the bathtubs after she was done with them) and then put my kitchen together. 

Today as I swiffered the sparkling tiles in our sunroom, I remembered the layers of dirt and dog hair I'd cleaned off the windows, floor, and steps of that very room a year ago wondering, "Will it ever get clean? Will this ever feel like a home?"


Since we started our law school search almost two years ago, I'd been pretty forward about not wanting to move to Arkansas, even though David definitely wanted to apply to school here. I basically told God I'd go anywhere else. Although I dreaded the idea of moving far from my family, I was excited about the potential to move to a couple other cities where David had applied to school. Just not Arkansas. Anywhere but Arkansas. Call me Jonah. "I'm not going, God!!" 

Thank goodness water doesn't connect Atlanta to Little Rock, otherwise I would have fit the criteria to have made that journey by whale.


At that time, I didn't realize we were being called to live and serve here. All I knew was God was moving us here. I knew David's school had something to do with it, obviously, but I didn't consider the rest of it. 

While talking with my dear friend Libba on the phone that first summer, she encouraged me saying, "You are forgetting that it's not all about David. Yes, he's a big part of this. And, yes, you're called to support him on this adventure. But do you really think God's not going to do anything else while you're there?" 


Sometimes God calls you to go somewhere. It could be down the street or across the globe. You might or might not know what He's going to have you do when you get there. You just know, God is calling us to go there. So, you're obedient, and you go.

We didn't feel called to move. In fact, it really didn't seem like we had an option either way. God just orchestrated everything, and before we knew it, we were crossing five state borders in my VW Tiguan.

It wasn't until after we moved that God gave us our calling: "I'm calling you HERE, right where you are now."

I honestly can't believe the countless ways the Lord has blessed us since moving to Arkansas. We can both say confidently, we believe this is exactly where God wants us. 

Happy One Year Anniversary, Red House. And thank you friends and family for supporting us in so many countless ways this past year. We appreciate it more than you know. God bless.