Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweet Potatoes

Over the weekend, while shopping at our local farmer's market, we picked up a couple of sweet potatoes. I usually don't buy something that's not on my list, but we couldn't turn down the price, and David isn't exactly a "vegetable guy," so if he's game for a particular vegetable, you know I'm gonna incorporate it into dinner. I'll admit, as I bagged the sweet potatoes I thought to myself, "Gonna have to Pinterest this..."

So, this afternoon after a quick Pinterest search, I settled on a recipe for parmesan cheese roasted sweet potatoes. They looked super easy to make and healthy. However, I had to scroll down a little further, just in case I stumbled upon something better.

And there it was: "Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup." It practically screamed my name.

I'm a soup girl, just like my mom. Even if it's summer I can eat soup. And I love really good cold soups too... Like lentil soup. Yum. : )

I clicked on the link and was purely delighted to see that I had all of the few ingredients called for. I quickly changed my mind, we'd have broccoli instead of parmesan sweet potatoes with our salmon tonight.. It would probably go better together anyway.

I chopped the sweet potatoes and popped them in the oven with EVOO and sea salt.

I diced my sweet onion and carrots and let them sauté with the minced garlic.

The aroma took me to a place I'd never been before... Cooking with Confidence.

Before long, my quinoa was cooked, and I was opening the box which held the unused immersion blender David had bought me last fall.

My intention was to make the soup today, let it cool, freeze half, and refrigerate the other half for lunch this week. But, once it was done, the smell filling the house, the soft chunks of sweet potato calling to my taste buds... And after all, I had to taste it to be sure it didn't require additional seasoning.

One taste wasn't enough.

"Maybe we'll have chicken nuggets for dinner. And I'll have a cup of this for an appetizer!"

It was delicious, and by far the best soup I've ever made. Sometimes soups of this nature can be too sweet, but this was just right. And, the quinoa gave it incredible texture along with a good boost of protein. Best of all, every ingredient was already in my fridge/pantry, and it was super simple to make.

If you like sweet potatoes and soup, definitely give this one a try (click here for recipe), and let me know if you LOVED it as much as I did! Bon a petit!