Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday Hike

I woke up Sunday morning with this overwhelming desire to go hiking. It's like I could feel the sunshine and cool breeze outside beckoning to my soul. David laughed when I shared my desire with him. He's become accustomed to my impulsive travel whims. Most aren't usually feasible (i.e. "Let's drive to Texarkana for lunch!"), but every now and then I have an idea that's pretty good and realistic. 

Soon we were dressed, with Sperry harnessed up, and on our way to Pinnacle Mountain. 

We'd hiked it the first weekend after we moved here to Little Rock. And, naively managed to pick the most difficult route up the mountain. It seriously felt like I was bouldering! So, this time we definitely wanted to go up the easier way (aka the West Summit Trail). 

See what I mean? So nice and manicured. It's like walking up stairs....

 Until you miss the turn that is! And then you get to hike up lots of these! 

I walked Sperry until we got to the first set of rocks, at which point David took him. 

At one point, I was using all four extremities to climb and keep my balance when I heard David behind me say, "Man, this is a workout." 

I turn my head around and see David carrying all 55 lbs of Sperry!!! The poor, pampered pooch was too small to get up and over some of the rocks. (He has such a good daddy!)

As we kept climbing up, I realized I wasn't favoring one leg over the other as I took my steps up and over each rock. Usually, I favor my right leg when climbing something, because for almost 9 years now, it has been the stronger leg. 

Some of you might remember that we've been praying for healing over my left knee. Over the last couple months I've started doing things that I haven't been able to do since I was 16 years old. Things like running, squats, lunges... 

As I kept making my way up the mountain, all I could do was praise God for the healing and restoration I was experiencing. 

We found a good sitting/viewing spot about half way up the rocky ridge and decided to take a breather and a few pictures.

When we finally got to the top, we took in the pretty view of the surrounding lake/river, I'm honestly not sure which we were looking at, but the blue water was beautiful! 

Our intention was to have "Home Church" when we got to the top of Pinnacle, but Sperry seemed intent to meet every other dog that made it to the top of the mountain. I was a little scared that he might lunge after a "playmate" and knock one of us off balance and down the mountain. So, unfortunately that part of my idea didn't come to fruition.

As we made our way down, I felt the change in my legs as different muscles started working. I noticed that I was now favoring my right knee. I took a big breath and made myself put my right foot down first, requiring my left knee to hold and stabilize my entire body. Rock after rock I stepped down this way, and then I made myself alternate, just like a normal, uninjured person would. 

My thighs and glutes were sore immediately once I sat down at the base of the mountain while we gave Sperry water. But, my knee was fine. Even today, it feels perfectly fine. It feels normal. And, I'm excited to get to my workout this afternoon. I'm excited to keep experiencing moments of surprise. Surprise at the simple fact that I can do something that so many people said I wouldn't be able to do again. 

Even now, as I write this, storm clouds are gathering thick around North Little Rock. The doctors said the weather would affect the early arthritis that was sure to set into my left leg. Well, not today! Today, it's fine! And, today, I continue to claim in the name of my God, that it will continue to be fine. 

Even though we didn't get to have an "official" church service at the top of the mountain, God used our hike up and down to remind us of his healing power.

Praise the God who made my knee, and the God who is restoring it!!