Monday, December 3, 2012

Anniversary Planning

Christmas music, hot tea, twinkle lights... 74 degree weather ... For me it's the perfect start to the Christmas season! David, on the other hand, totally disagrees and wishes will all his might it would just turn cold and spit out a couple snowflakes. 

Maybe that's why for our upcoming two year wedding anniversary he was so excited to book a trip to a very, very cold place... 

New York City! 

For those of you who don't know, David and I were married on New Year's Eve almost two years ago. We had a beautiful wedding with many of our dearest friends and family from all over the globe there. I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't set their hearts on any particular time of year to get married to consider the he holiday season. It's so magical already. When you throw a wedding into the mix, it's just surreal. (I wish you could see me as I'm typing this. I'm beaming!)

Now that I have more flexibility with my work schedule, the possibility of taking a trip over the holidays became a reality for us, and therefore we have the opportunity to go somewhere for our anniversary. We looked at a lot of different places, mostly cruises and Caribbean destinations (because, let's face it, I like to be warm!) When David mentioned New York City, I didn't know how to process it!

I joke that growing up my family always vacationed to warm places because we hate being cold, but I'm actually quite serious. Countless winter holidays were spent south of our home state of Georgia. Some of my favorite holiday memories are touring a banana plantation in Jamaica, Downtown Disney on New Year's Eve, or Busch Gardens just days before Christmas. Again, warm places...

So, New York City?? On New Year's Eve? And to top that, staying in Times Square?? I was befuddled. But, David was confident. And quickly, I began to catch the adventure of it. How many times in your life do you get the opportunity to do something so... well, outrageous? 

Most people never do. 

The practical side of me tried to reason with my adventuresome side. But then, a side of me that is continuing to develop, the side of me that considers every aspect of my marriage and new family unit, quietly said, "Go on an adventure, like none you've ever been on, or might never have the opportunity to go on again... with your husband."

So, we decided the Caribbean will always be there, but New Year's Eve in Times Square for your anniversary, that's maybe once in a lifetime.

So, we're going. And, I'm reading a travel guide and asking several friends their tips for exploring this big city that I've never been to before. A city that I only know through the movies and a couple sitcoms.  If you have any pizza joints, coffee houses, or tips to exploring the city.. Please let me know.  : )