Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cooler Temps = Chili Time

We are definitely beginning to experience what I would call "winter weather" here in North Little Rock. Of course, for me "winter weather" is whenever the temperature is below 50 degrees! David is praying for snow at some point this winter. From what I understand, winter here in Central Arkansas is pretty moody. One day you can have snow flurries, the next an ice storm, and a couple days later tornado watches! I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

We did buy Sperry a little jacket for the much cooler temperatures we've been experiencing, however. 

Sperry is definitely much calmer when he's wearing his jacket, but like most animals when dressed in clothing, he doesn't really understand that he can move around like normal. So, we're breaking him into it. : )

I had a somewhat humorous past couple of days with dinner making. I found a fun recipe on Pinterest for Chicken Gyros, one of my favorite foods!! The chicken turned out great! But, the Tzatziki sauce did not. I'm pretty sure it could have been my fault, but I'm still going to be keeping my eye out for a different Tzatziki recipe. (If you know of one, let me know!) So, since we had no Tzatziki sauce, we turned our Gyros into wraps with spinach, red onion, shredded mild cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes, and lite ranch dressing (with sweet potato chips as our side).

It was so good! We'll definitely be making the chicken again. 

Yesterday morning, I was quickly trying to get dinner in the crock pot before I started work. I had just finished browning my turkey meat, tossed it in the crock pot, and was starting on my onions, garlic, and cumin when I realized I did not have any chicken broth. (Every time I make this White Bean Turkey Chili I forget an ingredient and either have to leave it out or find a substitute.) Well, I wasn't going to think about substituting anything for chicken broth. This time, I wanted to do it right!

And then, a reminder pops up on my phone that I have a phone meeting with my boss in 30 min! Yikes! So, I throw the onions, garlic, and cumin into the crock pot as soon as they're done, quickly send Sperry to his crate, and run down the road to Walgreens. Thank goodness, they had low sodium Swanson chicken broth (I was surprised at how much they marked it up compared to what I could have paid for it at Kroger) but there was no time! I grabbed my two cans and quickly checked out. 

One perk to living in a smaller town... Very little traffic. Round trip, my chicken broth run took about 10 min. So, 10 min later, I'm back in the kitchen combining the rest of my ingredients in the crock pot, and had everything cleaned up just in time for my conference call. Whew! And, it turned out great!! 

I smiled so big when David went back for seconds yesterday night quipping, "This is really good, Lindz."

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it. It smelled so good, I guess I just wanted to get right to enjoying it instead of documenting it. 

What's on the menu for tonight? I'm thinking chicken fajitas. We have some defrosted chicken breasts and a thing of tofu, and I'm pretty sure David is going to opt for the chicken, no matter how I want to prepare it. : )