Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yeah We Will... : )

Each year, when the leaves start to fall and the air gets crisp and fresh, I find myself snuggling into Autumn. It’s a different kind of excitement than Spring or Summer or Christmas… Fall signals both a reprieve from the heat of summer and the coming of many celebrations surrounding the upcoming holiday season. This is my first Autumn at the base of the Ozark’s… Growing up with the Blue Ridge Mountains just up the road, I crave the beautiful leaves of Fall and am grateful that Arkansas has them too.
Usually, the coming of Fall signals the beginning of school; the start to something new. My husband, David, and I started a new chapter in our adventure book of life about 6 months ago when we left the suburbs of Atlanta for the smaller city of Little Rock, AR where he began law school last month. We have settled into our “barn house” as we like to call it, and our sweet rescue puppy, Sperry, has become a very special member of our little family. Even though we no longer live in the big hustle and bustle of a large city like Atlanta, we find ourselves still being very busy balancing work, school, church, community, exercising, cooking, family, etc! And our friends and family around the globe find themselves in the exact same predicament. : ) So, friends, family, visitors, as you explore our blog, I hope this provides a little window into what’s going on in our life, what’s changing, what’s developing, and where we’re going on this great adventure.
We know no matter where the Lord moves us, that we desire to be ”That City on a Hill, Burning Brightly… We’ll Be a Light to the World Shining Your Glory… Yeah We Will…” (Kristian Stanfill “Not Ashamed”).