Saturday, October 13, 2012


About a week and half ago, it took David and I both to hold our little pooch (Sperry) down so I could swab the inside of his cheeks to take a DNA sample... Ever since we rescued him from Little Rock Animal Services, we've been perplexed as to what kind of dog he is. We've heard everything from part Australian Shepard to Beagle to Mastiff! 

We had concluded based on numerous Google searches that he is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Everything about him (his personality, growth pattern, coloring, fur texture) is to at T an Entlebucher. 

When the test results from his cheek swab came in we were SHOCKED! 

25% mixed breed, 25% German Shepard, 

Speaking as the woman who vacuums our hard woods every other day with our Bissell Lift Off Floors & More PET vacuum, he's not 50% poodle. Poodles don't shed. And Sperry sheds enough beautiful black fur to... well, use your imagination. ; )

We were so disappointed. How could it be? Was this whole DNA-sample-test-kit-sent-to-a-far-off distant-lab some kind of scam? 50% miniature poodle???

Maybe, in some way that we can't understand, because we don't understand canine gene patterns that well, he is part poodle... Or maybe he is Entlebucher. Or just a Heinz 57, as my Grandpa Wayne would say.

Watching our special little Sperry throwing his newest orange chew toy across the living room floor and then chasing it so he could throw it himself again reminded me of how sometimes in life there are things we just don't understand. And sometimes the facts to back it up, to help us understand, don't make sense either. I'm so grateful knowing that the most important things I need to understand, I do. 

Election time every four years, I feel like most of us have this sense of "What's about to happen to our world? How is my world about to change?" Or maybe it's, what am I going to do after I graduate? I lost my job, how am I going to make it? What will I do now? A loved one is gone... How will things ever be the same?

It's the big questions that make you feel small... But the older I get, the more I appreciate feeling small.

Cause, the One who created me, the One who keeps this world going, the One who directs my path, provides for me, and comforts me... He is the same One who created the WHOLE universe. 

The WHOLE universe! The parts I can see in the sky, and the parts our telescopes can't. The crashing waves of the ocean, and the sea creates living so deep beneath our machines can't get there. 

Remembering that makes me feel small, and it makes me feel safe. Because Our God has it all in his hands. All of it. And if He has all of it, and I trust that, then what do I have to worry about?

So what if my dog is half poodle and this company ripped me off $90? 

God used it to remind me that I don't have to have all of the answers. I just have to remember that He does, and when I don't, I need to look to Him.